🌟 Greetings, Colourful Life Enthusiasts! 🎨✨

Get ready to be swept off your feet as we unveil the all-new 'Colourful Life' – your haven for all things vibrant and spirited! 🌈🏠

You will have previously known us as 'Art and Paper Designs' but we've given ourselves a colourful makeover to better fit our growing brand and we're so excited to share this with you! But guess what?Behind this transformation, it's still your small but mighty team of two – Amy and Jordan. You definitely can't rid of us that easily!

While most of our beautiful products remain the same, some have undergone a bit of an upgrade. Think of it as adding a splash of extra colour to your familiar favourites – because who doesn't love a vibrant upgrade?

From captivating prints to playful mugs and funny totes that redefine your style, 'Colourful Life' stands as a testament to our shared love for joyful living.

So, welcome to our new world where every shade is a celebration. We can't wait to embark on this journey with you, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, one splendid hue at a time!🌟🎨🎉